Planning Matters

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Our “Code of Conduct” for builders and large lorries in Heathway

References on The Localism Act 2011

Report by Planning Sub-Committee 12 April 2016

Heathway Residents’  Planning Sub-Committee

The Heathway Residents’ Planning Sub-Committee meets regularly to review current planning applications, to alert residents to new applications, and to keep a watching brief of local planning developments.

Since its foundation and formal instruction at the 2009 AGM of HR&NWA, the planning sub-committee has been monitoring local planning applications, as well as participating in local conservation area matters.

Influencing Future Activity

Whereas we are currently reacting to applications, it was felt that for the longer term it was wiser to help shape future policy and planning practice. In both cases this has meant becoming active in local planning. The aim has been to build credibility along the way and gradually influencing applicants to actively engage with us early in their process.

In order to encouraging planners to take note of HR&NWA’s voice, the PSC has sought to become actively engaged with the council’s planning department. This culminated in a consultation with the planning department (along with our counterparts in Langton Way) to review the Conservation Area Appraisal & Strategy. The process is ongoing and it is hoped that one outcome will be an update to the Heathway Planning Brief as an active component of the new Local Development Framework. This latter document will supercede the current Unitary Development Plan as the local policy used to assess future planning applications.

Another ongoing task has been to pursue the council about Distribution of Planning Notifications, which is still proving inconsistent at best.